Organic Gardening: A Series

What is organic gardening? Well, essentially, it means gardening without the use of synthetic soil or pesticides, in a natural, balanced environment. A key component in this process is the soil itself. Healthy soil is super important, so adding compost and raw materials (i.e. grass clippings) is crucial. Adding composted, organic manure (preferably from animals that haven’t been fed meat) …

Engaged? Read This Before Booking Your Venue!

You’re engaged! Along with inserting the word fiancé into your conversations, you now have the rather daunting – but amazing – responsibility of planning the most exciting day of your life … So many details, so little time! Take your nuptials to the next level by choosing a venue that’s right for you:

5 Reasons You Need to Laugh More

Is laughter a daily priority for you? (No, don’t laugh, that’s a serious question.) Most of us live such stressful lives that laughter doesn’t even appear on our radar. Did you know that studies have shown that using your funny bone has some serious health benefits? You need to giggle, guffaw, chortle or chuckle – and do it daily if …

Is Your Romance Making Scents?

You don’t always have to travel to warmer climates to feel hot, hot, hot! Rekindling a little romance (at any time of year) just makes scents. Smell is something that can be effective at triggering fond memories, for achieving relaxation, or for creating a particular mood or ambience.

Is Your Spark Still Burning?

Valentine’s Day is around the corner, and l’amour is in the air! Though February 14th is a great reminder, keeping the spark burning all year long is something that even the most committed lovebirds can find tricky. Work on keeping the romance going strong with some simple suggestions: