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First sunflower in bloom in our garden, and she's a beauty! What's blooming in your garden? ... See MoreSee Less

2 hours ago

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Take the time to incorporate your story in the details... #weddingshockley ... See MoreSee Less

This coffee bean escort card display is a subtle nod to a couple's Seattle roots!

20 hours ago

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Absolutely beautiful! Thanks for posting these pics French's Floral Boutique & Event Decor! ... See MoreSee Less

Very similar to our cobble beach wedding a few weekends ago but with slight differences that makes this beautiful look unique to our client. Such a great set up today at Hockley Valley Resort :)

1 day ago

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Is it 4:00 yet? Try our $4 Babbo Bites menu from 4-6pm... Mmmm.... ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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Want to lower your score on this course? Find out how with this drill... ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

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We're celebrating summer love...Check out these beauties and tag yourself or your friends! ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Hockley Valley Resort updated their cover photo. ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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With all the recent rain, Santo, our Head Gardener, advises to get weeding! With the ground soft, don your gloves and weed away... ... See MoreSee Less

5 days ago

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Happy Canada Day, from us to you! ... See MoreSee Less

6 days ago

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Well, the constant rain might get you down, but it's making our garden grow like crazy! Here's a look at our swiss chard... ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Looking forward to visiting @adamoestatewinery at booth S02 on July 2-5 at the #tasteoftoronto! ... See MoreSee Less

1 week ago

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Absolutely beautiful weekend shot onsite by Jenn Kavanagh Photography! Thanks for posting! ... See MoreSee Less

Still magical, despite the rain! Brittany and Kyle, congratulations! #tkachakroeker

1 week ago

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Or, if you can't wait til 4, we've got charcuterie and wine for that #fridayfeeling! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Clear your afternoon! Our Babbo Bites $4 menu is available from 4-6pm, and features deliciousness like this tajarin (image below)... ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Wedding planning? Here are some great tips and ideas for your wedding... ... See MoreSee Less

It's possible, and it's not even that hard to do!

2 weeks ago

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Golf tip: Improve your putting with the Around the World drill! ... See MoreSee Less

2 weeks ago

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Beautiful pics from a recent wedding onsite! Thank you so much, as always Maven Weddings and Events! ... See MoreSee Less

With wedding after wedding, it's hard to stay on top of it all, so here are a few shots from this past weekends wedding at Hockley Valley Resort (again just pics from my phone, but WAY to pretty not to share!) this wedding turned out to be one of my personal faves and I am dyingggg to get the professional shots back to truly showcase this gorgeous purple, green, and gold, woodland wedding! Congrats to Beth & Dan you two were an absolute delight! And a special thanks to my a-mazing team and colleagues: Kim VDB (my fab assistant), Kim Boin (blooms and posies) **would not be functioning without you two!** and the stellar staff at HV **we're like family now!**

2 weeks ago

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Life is a combination of wine, food & magic.

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Cabin Barbecue Sauce


This Canada Day, celebrate our country’s awesomeness in a delicious way! Whether it’s ribs, wings, chicken – or anything else, for that matter – our ‘cabin barbecue sauce’ is sure to impress… This recipe is straight from our kitchen, so the quantities are large – you’ll need to adjust the recipe to accommodate your crowd.

10 lbs. ripe tomatoes
1L can tomatoes
3 oz. tomato paste
4 cups brown sugar
1 cup honey
1 cup molasses
1 head garlic
250 ml champagne vinegar
50 ml white balsamic vinegar
2 onions, minced
Spices, to taste: cinnamon, cloves, smoked paprika, smoked ginger, hot pepper

Mix all ingredients in a pot. Simmer over low heat until the mixture thickens. Cool and hand blend to make the consistency even. Pass through a sieve to remove any leftover chunks. Store in an airtight container. Enjoy!

Looking for more recipes from our kitchen? Check our blog here:

Wedding Centrepieces: Flower Power or Green Thumb?

Are you planning your wedding? Have you thought about your centrepieces? Bridal centrepieces are a huge reception focal point; often they’re an extension of your colour choices, style and theme. Floral centrepieces are timeless, of course, but there’s another trend emerging… “So many separate elements tie into the search for the perfect centrepiece: seasonality, colour, size, cost,” explains Christine Lawson, our Wedding and Social Sales Manager, “Recently we’ve seen couples leaning towards herb boxes, plants and more nature-based options, versus the traditional floral bouquet.”

Why are centrepieces getting an earthy makeover? Well, here are some of the reasons we think couples might be going green:

1. Test of Time: Many couples give away the centrepieces at their reception, and fresh flowers are less versatile. Greenery lasts longer and often lends itself to being re-planted by its new owner.

2. Colour Matching: Nature-based arrangements tend to match any colour scheme, so that could really relieve stress over seasonality or matching your décor.

3. DIY Brides: Many brides are lovin’ sites like pinterest and reading blogs for inspiration, where they’re finding ways to DIY certain wedding elements. Greenery is one way to personalize your décor, not to mention a great way to get your friends and family involved in the process.

4. Cost Counts: With floral arrangements ranging from $20 to $200 per, plant-based centrepieces are a more budget-friendly option (especially if it’s a DIY). With more and more couples covering wedding costs themselves, greener centrepieces may be a way to redistribute your budget and still cover all bases.

Remember that even if you opt for a greener feel, decorators and florists play an important role in your wedding. From bouquets to ceremony décor, sourcing product and placement, some things need to have a professional touch to get the day just right.

Looking for more wedding focused content? Visit our blog here:

Photo/floral credits:,

Household Tips We Bet You Didn’t Know

DSC_0006 (4)

At Hockley Valley Resort, we’ve got the inside scoop on a lot of home remedies you’ve never heard of, so we asked some of our departments to share some of their secrets with us. Here are the tips and tricks our experts think you should know:

From the spa: Duct tape wart removal! Here’s how it’s done: cover the wart with duct tape for 6 days, remove the duct tape, soak the wart, then use an emery board/pumice stone to remove skin on top of the wart if possible. Reapply and follow the steps until it’s gone – could take up to 2 months, but it’s a pain-free removal.

From the kitchen: Asparagus is in season, but do you know the best way to eat it? To ensure you don’t eat any of the woodier parts of the asparagus, simply snap the asparagus at the base. It’s easy to know where to snap it, because it will naturally snap where it becomes tender. You don’t need to waste any either – use the discarded bottoms in an asparagus soup base…. Spring sure is delicious!

From housekeeping: Got a stain you can’t remove? Try peroxide! From furniture to carpets to clothing, it removes stains without removing colour. All you need is a spray bottle and a rag for blotting, and you can say goodbye to your stains…

From the garden: Got bugs? Take a natural approach! For mosquitos, try planting citronella, ageratum or catnip to keep them away. As a general tip, marigolds and lavender can be used to combat beetles, squash bugs, tomato hornworms moths and spiders – making them a great choice as an overall bug deterrent in your garden.

Looking for more useful tips and tricks? Check out our blog here:

Babbo’s Spiked Lemonade


Looking to serve your friends something new? Take your get together to a new level with Babbo’s Spiked Lemonade! Here’s how we make it:

Fill a mason jar with ice.
Add ½ oz. simple syrup.
Add 1 oz of vodka.
Add 2 tsp. of pureed strawberries.
Add 2 oz. of lemon juice.
Top with soda water and enjoy!

Looking for more recipes to enjoy? Visit our blog here:



With the temps heating up and our days getting longer, staying hydrated should be top priority for kids and adults alike. According to the Mayo Clinic, men should be drinking about 13 cups and women 9 cups per day, on average. But does plain old water bore you? We’ve come up with a list of ways to freshen up your H2O, that’ll have you thirsting for more:

1. Cucumber: Give your water a boost in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, while infusing a fresh taste – and it’s also been credited with curbing appetite and lowering blood pressure.

2. Fruit ice cubes: Freeze fresh berries into ice cubes and add to your water for a sweet surprise! Take advantage of the anti-oxidants that most berries offer, while naturally sweetening and keeping your water cold – it’s a triple threat!

3. Citrus fruits: Pucker up with lemon, lime or orange slices to add a great summer kick! Along with all the health benefits that come with citrus (potassium, cleansing, reducing inflammation, to name a few) it will also leave you with amazingly fresh breath!

4. Crushed pineapple and mint: Feeling exotic? This duet will feel like a cool breeze on a hot day, not to mention that it should help with digestion and perking up your immune system to avoid the dreaded summer cold.

5. Vanilla: Naturally high in anti-oxidants, fresh or extract, this is a unique treat. If you want it sweeter, add Stevia or the natural sweetener of your choice. Try this one out on your kids, too for a totally new take on water.

6. Apples and cinnamon: Available all year round, this classic combo has been known to lower blood sugar while boosting energy! For best results, slice apples and grate fresh cinnamon, and you can even use the same apples slices up to 4 times without needing new ones.

7. Jalapeno peppers: For sinus relief, a break from your headache relief or if you’re just feeling spicy, add whole peppers to your water and take it up a notch. Muy caliente!

Looking for more lifestyle advice? Try our blog here:


June: What’s Happening


The temps are heating up and so is the fun at Hockley Valley Resort! It’s June, so bring on summer… We’ve got tons to do, inside and out, so bring the fam’, your girlfriends, your colleagues or treat yourself to some much-needed alone time – here are just some of the ways you can relax and unwind with us this month:

That’s Amore: Pizza in the garden is now being featured on weekends from 11-3! Bring the whole family to enjoy our garden-to-table fare with fresh, house-made pizza right from our wood-burning oven. And don’t forget to take a wander through our organic fruit and vegetable garden after your feast – now that’s amore!

Ohhhh Canada: Turn your Canada Day holiday into an extended weekend and celebrate our country in style! Take advantage of our holiday package, including your accommodation, full buffet breakfast for 2 and dinner in cabin. As well, movie nights, a mixology class, gourmet popcorn and holiday yoga are all part of the Canada Day fun… For more info, visit our events page here:

Golf Jr.: Looking to get your little ones into golf? Try our Junior Golf Camps for kids aged 7-10! Although they officially start in July, now’s the time to register. The day starts with golf instruction (by CGA certified golf professionals) and finishes with a swim in our saltwater pool, along with a nutritious lunch… What are you waiting fore? Click this link for more info:

Looking for our complete events calendar? Here it is:

House-made Caramel Sauce

We bet you didn’t know how easy it is to make your own caramel sauce from scratch… Try this easy recipe from our kitchen – soon you’ll be adding to caramel to just about everything!

1L granulated white sugar

1L whipping cream

2 tbsp. butter, softened

Add the sugar to a large pot on the stove, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon until it becomes liquefied and turns a light caramel colour.

Whisk in the butter.

Add the cream in small amounts very slowly, whisking constantly.

Once it’s all blended, remove the pot from the stove. Strain the liquid to separate any sugar lumps.

Serve and enjoy over ice cream, pie, cupcakes, or anything else! Mmmm… Caramel can be stored in the fridge for up to a month.

Looking for more delicious recipes from our kitchen? Try here:

The Pedi Pledge


With summer just around the corner and our open-toe shoes calling out to us from the backs of our closets… We should be getting ready to flaunt our feet loudly and proudly! Are you wondering how to get – and stay – open-toe ready?  Well, our Spa Director, Katie Gilligan, has come up with her own Pedicure Pledge, so that we may wear our open-toe shoes with pride. Please raise your right foot and repeat after her:

“I promise to do my best to keep my toenails properly filed and never to have chipped polish. I will do whatever it takes to avoid having dry, cracked skin. I pledge to my peep-toes, strappy sandals, and even to my flip flops, that if I cannot personally keep my feet in their summer best, then I will place them in the hands of the professionals.”

Cheers to summer, and to summer-ready feet! Check out more of our blogs, tips and recipes at