Named in honour of the first structure built on property in 1865, cabin will draw inspiration from the picturesque and romantic countryside in the Hills of Headwaters region.

The 2,600 square foot space combines rustic and modern décor elements, including reclaimed hard-wood floors and wooden beams from an old barn, and a 16 foot steel and glass chandelier.

“The concept for cabin marks an exciting and significant stage in the Resort’s evolution,” said John Paul Adamo, President and Owner at Hockley Valley Resort. “cabin will allow guests to connect with chefs, enjoy a diverse sampling of local fare, and experience the region’s beauty.”

The culinary experience will be defined by our farm-to-table philosophy on food. The a la carte menu will celebrate the best of local cuisine, using only the freshest ingredients from the Resort’s two-acre fruit and vegetable garden, seasonal preserves, and fare from local farmers and suppliers.

Lunch Menu


Now you can experience the diverse tastes
of cabin for lunch.


Dinner Menu


Cabin’s menu, changes weekly and highlights our
passion for regional cuisine and showcases what
we see as the emerging ‘Canadiana Cuisine’ trend.
Preserving the bounty of the growing season
year-round and a commitment to supporting
local farmers are a focus of our menu offering.


The open-concept design blurs the lines between kitchen and dining room. cabin offers seating for up to 70 guests, including an interactive Chef’s Table in front of the cooking area, semi-private dining, and an intimate dining room.