Organic Spa Facial 50 min $104

Escape and enjoy this Certified Organic ritual using the finest natural ingredients from around the world. Treatment involves a deep cleansing exfoliation, nourishing mask, calming facial massage and a specialty foot treatment.

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“Just For You” Facial 60 min $114

A completely customized skin care experience to meet your needs. Treatment includes a deep cleansing with steam and extractions, facial massage and a final mask. Your skin will feel renewed.

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Oxygen Ageless Facial 75 min $169

Pure oxygen is infused into the skin with complimentary serums and gels resulting in a firmer more radiant skin. Treatment involves a pure oxygen blast and chardonnay grape AHA peel to fight the visible signs of time.

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Microderm Treatment 30/75 min $85/169

This treatment offers healthier, glowing skin through the use of highly controlled vacuum emitting minute corundum crystals to create a medium depth exfoliation which instantly refines the skin’s texture and improves the colour of the skin.

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Nu Face Facial 40 min $90

A customized introductory facial which refines and re-mineralizes dull lifeless skin. This facial includes skin analysis, a specific mask; massage of the face, neck and shoulders. May be booked alone or as an enhancement to any treatment.

***All facials include an application of mineral SPF foundation

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* All Facials include an application of mineral SPF foundation



oxygen blast

Oxygen is infused into the skin with complementary serums and gels, resulting in a firmer more radiant skin.


the WOW brow

Nu face technology that offers a lift to the brows like no other. Through movements and pulses it lifts and firms the Eye Area.


youthful lifting

Get older and wiser, but look younger and fresher, naturally. With our signature lifting enhancer using Galvanic Current to stimulate muscle contraction, you will appear to have turned back the hands of time without invasive surgery.


collagen mask

This Collagen gel mask will deliver a deep level of hydration to the skin as well as plumping benefits. This specialty mask will leave your skin instantly restored and it calms the skin.


IPL Laser

Photo Rejuvenation


photo rejuvenation facial

This light based medical treatment will work directly in the dermal layer of your skin reviving your collagen while helping to erase the signs of aging. Sun spots and vascular veins will appear lighter. Your skin after a series of treatments will be left with a more youthful glow.

25 min $17060 min $300


One of the more delicate areas on our face or body which tends to show the signs of aging quicker. This treatment will help to soften the lines, improve sun damage and restore firmness to this area.



Our hands are the other delicate area of our bodies that show the signs of aging much sooner. This treatments will bring a rejuvenated youthful look to your hands.


sun spot treatments

This treatment will help to eliminate the spots after a few treatments helping to even the skin.

small spots $65large spots $80