Lift Tickets

  • Adult Full Day (13 and over) $47.00
  • Junior Full Day $40.00
  • Adult Half Day $40.00
  • Junior Half Day (7-12) $35.00
  • Night Lift (all ages) $30.00
  • Beginner Hill Lift Ticket (all ages) $16.00
  • 6 Years and Younger $16.00
  • 65 Years and Older $26.00
  • Tuesday and Wednesday Night Special $24.00
  • Family Friday Nights $69.00
  • Upgrade Day to Night $18.00
  • Upgrade Half Day to Night $25.00

All lift tickets subject to HST.

Alpine Rentals

  • Full Day (skis, boots & poles) $33.00
  • Half Day (skis, boots & poles )$26.00
  • Night (skis, boots & poles )$26.00
  • Full Day (skis or boots only) $22.00
  • Half Day (skis or boots only )$20.00
  • Night (skis or boots only) $20.00
  • Helmet Full Day $9.00
  • Helmet 1/2 Day or Night $5.00

Snowboard Rentals

  • Full Day (snowboard & boots) $39.00
  • Half Day (snowboard & boots)$34.00
  • Night (snowboard & boots)$34.00
  • Helmets are strongly recommended


All prices subject to HST.

Refund Policy

Certain circumstances require us to restrict refunds or credits after purchases are made and/or the season has started. The following conditions apply:
All season pass, program or private lesson applications include a non-refundable $30 administration fee.
Refunds or credits may be requested ONLY for serious injury, major medical issues (a doctor’s note is required) or for family relocation.
Lessons are often held in less than perfect weather and refunds or credits are not issued for snow and/or weather conditions.
Refunds or credits will not be issued to participates who miss a class or lesson (program or private) for ANY reason after the start of the season.
We are unable to change the day or time of a private lesson or program after the start of the season.

All prices are subject to HST