The ability to work as a group; to effectively communicate; to collectively solve problems; to resolve conflicts; to efficiently manage resources and to share in an exhilarating group experience, builds a sense of community that translates powerfully to building team spirit, team unity and loyalty.

Cooperative, challenge and adventure-based activities provide an interesting and fun method for strengthening and applying these skills.

Low Ropes Course

This program will challenge participants to work a little outside of their comfort zone and create an atmosphere where trust, communication and out-of-the-box thinking and are always at work. The activities tackled are designed to incorporate group planning and debriefing stages and identify individual roles and strengths.



Pay It Forward

The program is about giving back to the community. While participating in a teambuilding experience, participants are partnered with one of our local organizations and charities. While the steps might be simple, the outcome could change the world. One act of kindness can change everything.



Communication Combat Challenge

Through the use of various hands-on activities this program will identify the diverse roles of the group, strengths of team members and the effectiveness of their communication patterns. This action-based learning takes place indoors or outdoors and requires cooperation, trust, leadership and innovative problem solving.


Mini Olympics

This is a series of sports-based team events with “a little twist” that has teams competing against each other and the clock. This program is designed to be light, fun and exciting from the opening ceremonies until the closing ceremonies.


The Amazing Race

Teams must find a series of checkpoints and successfully complete each task that awaits them. This is an exhilarating race that will take participants on a journey around the resort looking for flags; deciphering clues, and tackling unusual team tasks.


Survivor Challenge

Adventure-based team challenges that build confidence, cooperation and teamwork. Teams are challenged to work together to accomplish tasks by using playful ingenuity, communication, and problem solving skills.



The Scrambler

This is a three-part program which has teams scrambling all over the hotel searching, gathering and implementing a game plan to efficiently and successfully travel throughout the resort as a team. Using photographs teams must locate the correct destination and the correct angle at which the photo was taken, and complete a specific task to continue moving forward.




This is a “hands-on” drumming circle where drums will be used as a tool for communication empowerment, bringing people together and sharing very positive vibrations amongst all participants. This rhythm-based event helps synergize your corporate communities’ intentions and goals by bringing participants to a place of common purpose while generating a high degree of energy and laughter.



Geo-Compass Challenge

Situated within 300 acres, your group will be looking to discover various hidden treasures while enjoying the winter air and the quiet open space. Each team is given a mission kit to aid them on their journey and a compass with a number of coordinates to help them locate their destinations.


More Information

  • Additional charges will apply for groups larger than 40 people.
  • All programs are catered to our corporate clientele taking into account various ages and physical abilities.
  • Each program runs for approximately 2 hours.
  • Each program will use the facilities at Hockley Valley Resort and will be coordinated with the banquet event order.
  • Any additional prizes or awards will have to be supplied by the client.
  • Programs can be offered all year round.
  • Some programs can be modified to be facilitated indoors in a banquet hall or conference room.
  • Returning guests are provided with a variety of programs they can choose from year after year.
  • Specialized programs will have additional costs.
  • Programs can be modified according to physical abilities and age categories.
  • Programs are custom tailored to fit the needs of each group.
  • A certified professional facilitates all programs.
  • Most programs include: 2 facilitators; specific program equipment; program facilitation; organizational set-up and pack-up.
  • Additional facilitators needed for programs will be at the cost of $120.00 per facilitator.


Number of Participants
Number of Participants
0 - 40$685.0081-90$1335.00
71-80$1200.00120+Please Contact