Our Top 5 Wedding Hacks

Overwhelmed with wedding planning details? Surrounded by stacks of ‘to-do’s? We host over 100 weddings a year, so we’ve seen it all! Here are our top 5 wedding hacks to help make your special day a piece of cake:

Get Grateful: Start your ‘thank yous’ early… before you even say ‘I do’! Thank you cards can be a daunting task once the honeymoon is (literally) over, so do your cards as gifts come in – ahead of the big day. All you need is a list or spreadsheet and then check off the ones you’ve done as the RSVP’s come in.

Numbers Game: When sending out invites, sometimes a list just isn’t enough. Numbering the back of all your RSVP cards will make short work of a guessing game!  Make sure your initial record lists each guest with their number so you can easily match each reply with their designated guest.

App Happy: If old school wedding planner books are not your thing, there’s an app for that! Keep track of dates and details with a myriad of choices for your phone or device – some of them even allow you to share info with others, so you can all stay on the same page.  With pop up reminders and budget features, this is a great way to stay connected to and on top of everything you need.

Photo Op: Make a list of specific photos or videos that you really want to capture, and share that list with your photographer and videographer – ahead of time. That could include favourite locations, poses or special family members you want included. You don’t want to miss out on something important because you get lost in the day – be prepared and advise the professionals so that they can make sure nothing gets missed.

Kids’ Corner: If you plan to have a lot of children attending, lessen your stress on the big day by including a little something just for them! A colouring station, kids’ favours or even a cookie decorating area can keep them amused – and quiet – along with allowing their parents to relax. Knowing that you have that covered will help take away any extra drama or worries on the day, leaving you extra time to focus on fun!

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** Photo by: Boakview Photography