3 Reasons Why Fall Planting Might Be Even Better!

Was your summer so busy that you put off planting? Not to worry, procrastination can pay off! According to canadiangardening.com, fall is a hearty time of year to plant your perennials. You might want to give fall planting a grow this year, and here’s why:

1. Perennials (including many shrubs and trees) often do better planted in the fall because they don’t have the temperature contrast of cool soil and warm/hot weather, making their rooting process more successful.

2. If a spring-planted perennial does not root well initially, it is more susceptible to winter damage, meaning that you may lose some of come the following spring. (This issue is almost always avoided with fall planting.)

3. Summer droughts often hinder spring-planted growth, a problem generally avoided with fall planting because rain levels are generally high and evaporation levels tend to be low.

If you thought you missed planting season because you skimped in the spring, now’s the time to plant your perennials! Some great choices for fall planting include: Maple, Horse Chestnut, Lady’s Mantle, Pinks, Daylily, Hosta, Daisy, Lily, Crabapple, Peony, Spruce, Pine, Hens and Chicks.

As long as you get them in the ground about 6 weeks before the frost stays, you should be able to watch your garden grow beautifully come spring.