5 Spring Wedding Trends You Need To Know

Planning a spring wedding? If you’re getting ready to tie the knot this spring, Kendra Gatschuff, our Senior Wedding and Social Sales Manager, says “with everything starting to bloom, it’s a wonderful time of year to get married. Though some trends will last forever, we do see a shift from season to season, and there are some definite trends happening for spring 2019.” Here is Kendra’s list of this season’s top 5 trends:

Socially Acceptable: Have you factored social media into your planning? Not only do you need to be mindful of guest etiquette, but many couples are setting up stations to maximize Instagram-friendly content. If that’s what you’re thinking, choose a colourful backdrop that will draw attention. Don’t forget to include a custom hashtag so you can check out all the shots!

Sweet tooth: Let them eat cake… alternatives! Wedding cake will always be around but from the time that wedding cupcakes were born, we’ve seen the dessert scene broaden each year. If you’re looking for something different for your sweet tooth, consider anything from donuts to pancakes to cookies, as part of this year’s top picks.

Do Them a Favour: In today’s socially conscious world, couples are leaning towards thoughtful, useful favours as a thank you to their guests. We are, of course, still seeing more traditional options, but there’s been a shift to items that are both beautiful and functional. Think hand-made soaps, local honey, indoor or outdoor succulents – or anything else you can think of that fits into this category.

Make Scents: Ambiance is on couples’ minds this season and candles aren’t just for mood anymore! Brides and grooms are using scented candles as a way to create a memory for their guests. Do you have a signature scent? If you don’t like candles, this can be done with fresh flowers, too, and you can mix and match to make the scent of your special day as unique as you are!

Get a Feel For It: While texture isn’t necessarily new at weddings, there are 2 elements this season that are unique: velvet and lucite. Velvet in the spring? Yes, indeed! From napkins to ribbon to table settings, velvet is definitely on trend. Similarly, lucite accents are making a statement in cutlery, seating charts and menus. Mix and match these two textured trends and make them your own this season.

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