Blow Drying: Tips and Tricks

The seasons are changing and the days when you can run out of the house with damp hair will soon be behind us! “Mastering a faster and more efficient blow drying technique will save you time, money and will minimize the damage done to your hair,” says Racheal Ellery, Spa Director at Hockley Valley Resort. Here are her top 3 tips to getting the most bang for your blow dry:

1. Towel dry or let your hair air dry first to lessen the time your hair spends under the heat. As well, if you are using a brush with a metal core – which is a great way to achieve a smooth look – but remember, it heats up like an iron, so that’s another reason to wait until your hair is partially dry before starting the process.

2. Separate your hair into sections and use a nozzle on your blow dryer. This allows you to better control over which area is being dried, as well as ensuring the each section receives direct heat. You don’t want frizz, so focus on one area at a time.

3. Let your hair cool off a little, either on the brush (before you let it go) or with a blast of cool air to each section. This will help to “set” the style and help to avoid frizz. Finish with a small amount of finishing spray or serum to help keep your style in place. Be careful not to overdo the product, only a tiny amount is usually enough to do the trick!

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