A Guide to Your First Massage

If you’ve booked your first massage, get ready for some fantastic rest and relaxation! Do you have questions? We know that sometimes with your first visit, there can be uncertainty, so we’re here to put your mind at ease! Check out our answers to the 7 most common questions we get asked from new guests booking a massage in our spa:

1. Do I need to prepare? There’s not really much you can do in advance, but we recommend tying up long hair to protect it from lotion or oil. It’s best that it’s out of the way, too, when the time comes for the technician to focus on your neck.

2. Do I have to completely undress? The short answer is no! If you’re wary about removing your clothes, it’s no problem for you to keep your underwear on. It’s also important to note that the technician only exposes the part of your body they’re working on, and then covers you back up to work on the next section.

3. Can I choose my technician? If you have a preference between a male or female technician, simply state your preference when you book your appointment and the spa will do its best to accommodate your request.

4. What about availability? Most spas are slower mid-week during the day, so booking then will likely let you book with less notice, and you’ll avoid the weekend crowds. As a bonus, many spas offer discounts or special packages to attract mid-week guests, so check the website or ask about that when you book!

5. To talk or not to talk? This is a common concern, but it needn’t be! The technician is happy to do whatever makes you feel comfortable. If you want to relax and fall asleep, that’s great. If you feel more comfortable having a conversation, that’s great too. You set the pace and the technician will follow.

6. Can I stay after my treatment? Of course you can! Most spas welcome you to relax in their café, lounges or to take advantage of any of the amenities they offer. At our spa, we welcome you to use our fitness centre, indoor and outdoor pools and hot tub as part of your visit.

7. Is there any after care required? Drinking plenty of water is recommended, as massage is a detoxification treatment, so flushing your system will help. As well, if you’ve had an especially deep RMT massage, sometimes we suggest an Epsom salts bath later in the evening to help release some of the muscle tension.

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