Beauty Spring Cleaning: A How-To

Spring cleaning: not just for houses anymore! Do you go through your products and adjust your routine seasonally? You should! According to Racheal Ellery, our Spa Director, “It’s important to be sure your products are new and your tools are uncontaminated. With these things touching your face and eyes every day, keeping them clean is crucial.” Here are some of Racheal’s favourite ways to spring clean your beauty products and start to get ready for the hotter weather:

Best Before: We all get into the habit of using our favourite products until we’re practically scraping the bottom of the container, but these items do have expiry and best before dates. For example, mascara should be replaced every 3 months (think seasonally) so that bacteria doesn’t accumulate in the wand. Take a look through your favourites, toss what’s old and add what you need for the upcoming season.

Brush it off: Your brushes also accumulate dirt, dust and bacteria and should be cleaned on a regular basis. If this isn’t your habit, now’s the right time to make them like new. There are tons of cleaning solutions, tools, silicone mats – and more – to help make this job easier, in fact most can be washed using whatever shampoo is already in your bathroom. And if cleaning is not in the cards, treat yourself to a new set this spring!

Up your SPF: If you haven’t spent much time in the sun during the winter months, then the products you’re using are likely lacking in SPF. For maximum sun protection, sunscreen is your best bet, of course, but a moisturizer with SPF might just do the trick for spring. From powdered makeup to lotions with sunscreen, take a look at what you’re using and make sun protection a priority this season.

Mane Attraction: Even your hair appliances need a little TLC occasionally… Free your flat iron or wand from product residue and dirt with a cotton ball and some rubbing alcohol. Make your hair dryer good as new with a once-over on the vent with a damp cloth. Clean out your hairbrush, wash with mild soap and water and let it dry on a towel to return it to its full potential.

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