Cabin Risotto: How It’s Made

If you’re lovin’ spring and all things green, you need give our cabin risotto a try! This delicious dish features pan seared scallops, kale crema, mascarpone cheese and toasted pine nuts. How do we make it?

We start by sautéing white onion, thyme and bay leaves in olive oil. We then add carnaroli rice raw and slowly add vegetable stock to the mix.

PRO TIP: If you stop cooking it at about 40%, you can set it aside and complete it closer to your serving time, giving you more time to spend with your guests!

For the rest of the cooking, we add shallots, garlic and white wine to the risotto. We continue to add vegetable stock slowly until the desired consistency is reached. Cooking from this point takes about 10-15 minutes.

Just before the cooking is complete, we add kale crema. (Pre-made by mixing shocked black kale, garlic, grapeseed oil and salt in our Vitamix.)

We then sear 2 scallops, basting them in thyme and garlic. We finish the risotto with parmigiana, mascarpone and butter, placing the scallops on top. We finish the dish with toasted pine nuts and carrot chips.

Try making this dish on your own, or even better, come in to cabin and try ours!

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