Eat Fresh!

Summer’s coming, and farmers’ markets are opening up throughout Ontario!  Here’s why it’s important to eat local produce. Less travel = fresher, tastier produce. Shorter travel times usually mean less pesticides for you and your family to ingest. Supporting local farmers and local economy whenever you can, just makes sense. When is the best time to buy? Here’s a quick ...

Organic Gardening: Keeping Pests Out!

We know organic gardening brings fresh, pesticide-free produce and a healthier diet, but how do you save your bounty from hungry local wildlife? Here is a list of some of the more common garden pests and some time-tested tricks to help keep them out of your garden: Insects: Got aphids? Consider attracting their predator, the lady bug (typically drawn to Queen …

Organic Gardening: A Series

What is organic gardening? Well, essentially, it means gardening without the use of synthetic soil or pesticides, in a natural, balanced environment. A key component in this process is the soil itself. Healthy soil is super important, so adding compost and raw materials (i.e. grass clippings) is crucial. Adding composted, organic manure (preferably from animals that haven’t been fed meat) …

Concentrate on Kale

Are you looking to boost your immune system, cut back on calories and add variety to your diet? Consider kale: it’s nutrient-packed, tasty and can be used in a multitude of recipes. What’s so great about kale? Everything!

For The Love of Garlic

Those of you familiar with our restaurants are probably aware that our chef’s top priorities include supporting local farmers and eating local. What you may not know is that this stems all the way down the ingredient list – all the way to the seasonal preserves, including garlic!

Seeing RED!

Did you know there are over 300 varieties of tomatoes grown in Ontario? Those varieties fall into one of three groups; Round, Roma/Plum or Beefsteak. Round tomatoes are exactly that, medium in size and perfect for eating raw. Roma or Plum tomatoes while less juicy than their Round counterparts, are ideal for sauces or preserving.