Clean Up Your Act for Earth Day!

Why not celebrate this Earth Day by reducing your carbon footprint (and likely saving some money)? Brushing your teeth with the tap off, turning off the lights, and buying energy saving appliances and light bulbs… Sound familiar? That’s a great start, but here are some simple ideas for around the house that you may not have thought of – try these and discover that it IS easy being green:

1. Park it: Support local economy by shopping close to home and walk, cycle or use public transportation to get there. Adapt your schedule and work from home when you can, too. You’ll save gas money, skip the air pollution and avoid the frustration of being on the road.

2. East smart: Choose local organic produce and/or grow your own pesticide-free crop. Eat less meat to decrease the amount of greenhouse gases.

3. Manual labour: Don’t have a lot of grass? Get a push-mower! It’s a workout, you save money and you eliminate gas emissions – all at once…

4. Stay Natural: Choose cleaning products that are natural and do not harm the environment when they go down your drain, into the garbage or are harmful to you or your family.

5. Tech Trade: Sites like allow you to “sell” your used electronic devices. They are then re-furbished and re-used, saving space in the overpopulated landfills and extending the life of a used device.

6. Home School: Talk to your kids about the 3 R’s, read books like Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax and teach by example that the future of the planet is everybody’s responsibility.

The environment is important to us too! We are committed to reducing our carbon footprint – visit us and see what we’ve done for our part in keeping the planet clean.

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