Eat Fresh!

Summer’s coming, and farmers’ markets are opening up throughout Ontario!  Here’s why it’s important to eat local produce.

  1. Less travel = fresher, tastier produce.
  2. Shorter travel times usually mean less pesticides for you and your family to ingest.
  3. Supporting local farmers and local economy whenever you can, just makes sense.

When is the best time to buy? Here’s a quick guide from the Harvest Ontario website ( showing the optimal times to buy fresh produce in Ontario:


Fresh and local crops are important to us too!  Our 4-acre organic garden is a testament to our farm-to-table philosophy, providing 80% of all menu ingredients (offering house-made pickles and preserves in the winter).

What we don’t grow ourselves, we strive to attain from within 100 miles of the resort, keeping our produce as fresh and local as we can. Enjoy an amazing culinary experience at cabin, Babbo or 85 today!