Fall Golf: What You Need To Know!

Ahhh, the beauty of fall! Not much is more beautiful than being on a golf course in the cool fresh air, admiring all the beautiful colours around you… We recently spent some time with our Head Golf Professional, Carl Penfold, who answered some of our fall golf questions:

What is a frost delay?
Carl: At this time of year and into the later fall, we have to delay tee times when frost is still on the ground in the morning, something people often don’t consider. A good way to avoid this surprise is just to call the pro shop ahead of your tee time and we can tell you whether there is a frost delay for that day, allowing you to adjust your schedule accordingly.

What is most important to remember about fall golf?
Carl: Even though it might seem simple, dressing for the weather is the most common thing we see players doing wrong. It feels warm at your house, but you need lots of layers! Fall golf can involve cold temps, wind, or even hot sunny days. You never know what it’s going to be like until you’re out on the course.
Also, try and arrive 20 minutes or so before your tee time to stretch and warm up. Cold muscles allow for an easier injury, so getting warmed up before you start may just save you from harm.

How do you decide when it’s time to close the course for winter?
Carl: We try and go as long as we can, but there comes a point when the frost is so hard in the ground so that you can’t get a tee in, and that’s when we have to close the course for the season. That’s the point at which the maintenance crew starts to winterize the course and to prepare for winter.

There’s time to get in a round – or a few – before winter comes! Book your tee time online today at https://www.hockley.com/golf/bookings/book-a-tee-time/

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