Fall Skincare

Fall brings beautiful colours, cool, crisp mornings, and… dry skin? Often, the drop in humidity from the summer weather can result in dry, itchy skin during the fall season. What’s the best way to address the issue and make sure your skin is ready for the winter? Racheal Ellery, our Spa Director lists the following 5 must-dos for beautiful, soft skin this season:

1. Drink tons of water to make sure that your skin is hydrated from the inside out.

2. Treat your skin to moisturizer and a weekly face mask to increase the moisture level in your skin.

3. To maximize moisturizing results and to clean out clogged pores, use a scrub or visit the spa to expose fresh skin cells and best receive the moisture.

4. Hydrate the air – not just your skin – while you sleep! Install a humidifier in your room to cut down on the dry air your skin is exposed to at night.

5. Though summer is over, SPF is important all year round. Stop the sun’s harmful UV effects with a moisturizer that contains sunblock for efficient protection and multi-tasking.

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