Fall Weddings: Are You On Trend?

Are fall weddings on your mind? Whether you’re still in the planning stages or your big day is almost here, we’ve taken note of some of the hottest trends! “With the change in seasons comes an exciting shift in themes, colours and ambiance,” says Kendra Gatschuff, our Wedding and Social Sales Manager. If you’re looking to incorporate some fall favourites into your big day, here are some of the popular trends we’re seeing this season:

Sweet Dreams: It’s all about naked cakes! Rather than the time-tested sugar flowers and icing, beautiful tiered cakes with a rustic, natural feel are taking over. Without sacrificing taste or beauty, naked cakes can become a beautiful (and delicious) part of your big day. What a sweet way to treat your friends and family…

Go Green: Couples are adding greenery to cakes, table settings, centrepieces and favours! From succulents to leafy greens, go all green or add it to your colours – it’s a fresh, earthy feel to your day without sacrificing class or style. From sophisticated to simple, little touches of greenery are on trend this fall.

Wild and Free. Bouquets have gone wild this season! Multi-coloured bouquets, wildflowers and mixed blooms are the arrangements of choice. Rather than a traditional monochromatic look, couples are opting to mix it up, striving for a bright, colourful alternative. Whether you fall for the colours of the season or you match your theme, go bold with your bouquet this fall!

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