Feeling Thirsty? Time to Caesar the Day!

The Caesar, invented by Walter Chell in 1969, is a Canadian tradition! At Hockley Valley resort, we serve one of the best there is… Why is our Caesar so much better? Here’s why:

– We use locally produced ingredients or we make them right in-house, so you know everything is fresh.

– Everything’s better with bacon, right? Well, our Caesars feature our very own house-made, bacon-infused vodka! It’s a unique and delicious twist on this classic.

– One of our key ingredients is Walter Caesar mix: made in Canada, 100% natural and using real clam juice from a sustainable fishery in the north Atlantic – environmentally responsible, natural and delicious!

Want to know how we make it? Here’s the recipe for our Cabin Caesar! Give it a go at home, or come in and let us make it for you:

Rim a mason jar with house-made Caesar rimmer (Cajun spice, celery salt, cayenne, paprika).
Fill the mason jar with ice.

Add 3 dashes of Dillon’s angelica bitters.

Add house Hockley hot sauce (vinegar, peppers, perri perri peppers) to taste mild, medium or hot.

Add 2 oz. of house-made bacon-infused vodka.

Top with Walter Caesar mix.

Garnish with a pinch of Caesar rimmer, a bacon strip, 2 giant olives, a pickle and a lime wedge.

Enjoy responsibly!

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