Get Festive Without The Stress

I know we say it every year, but this year the holiday season has approached faster than ever! It’s easy to get caught up in all of the festive planning but it’s also important to make sure you take a break for yourself. This holiday season we thought we’d share a little bit on how we keep calm during this busy season!

Get Organized

It’s never too late to take a step back and make a plan. Whether it’s a check list scribbled in crayon or taking a half hour to enter events into your smartphone – a little bit of planning goes a long way. Categorizing tasks and making the appropriate lists are the best ways to start.

Shop Smart

It’s easy to run out and buy things the night before but it can also add an unnecessary amount of stress. By dedicating a day for each type of activity you can program yourself to be in the right headspace. Dedicate one day to each list you have: for example if Saturday is the dedicated “gift” day, grab your gift list and stay focused. By tackling one day at a time you’re forced to consider things by category, which will improve your holiday efficiency.

Meal Planning

This may be a funny one to include, but as you start counting down the weeks, time continues to speed up. From Christmas concerts to shopping and parties the nights begin to book up quickly. Planning meals at the start of each week eliminates that additional stress and ensures you get in from work and out the door.

Be Realistic

Every season we set our standards high. We commit to every social event, attempt to go above and beyond with thoughtful ideas and to top it off we attempt to lose weight? By taking a step back and prioritizing what needs to happen you can be sure to accomplish the important things. As for that diet, don’t try and lose weight, instead make an effort to maintain it! Whether it’s fruitcake or figgy pudding we all have our holiday favorites and let’s face it – we’ve earned it.

You Time

This is an obvious and essential way to combat stress but it’s also the first one to be forgotten. Book time off in your calendar, take a personal day, and plan to have a couple evenings of doing absolutely nothing. However you prefer to unwind – make it a priority and put the season on hold for that moment. What’s the point of decorating and planning if you can’t take an evening off to watch your favorite holiday movie? The rest can wait.

For extra-luxurious You Time, we suggest a date with the spa

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