Get More Sleep: Tips From Our Spa

With winter in full swing, many of us are still feeling exhausted. Is your mind racing with all the things you need to do? Are you having trouble falling asleep these days? “Sleep is one of the cornerstones of wellness that’s often overlooked,” observes Racheal Ellery, Spa Director at Hockley Valley Resort. “People tend to focus on diet and exercise – also important, of course, but consistently getting a good night’s sleep is crucial to your overall health.” In fact, recommends that the average adult get 7-9 hours of quality sleep per night. Having trouble sleeping? Check out these 3 tips from the wellness experts in our spa to get maximize your zzzz time:

  1. Create-a-spa: Turn your bedroom into its own spa oasis to signal to your brain that it’s a place for relaxation and rest. Limit natural light with blackout curtains, play soft music or nature sounds for a calming feel and try meditation to clear your mind before heading to bed. Want to get more than 40 winks? The more your brain thinks it’s bedtime, the better chance you have for your body to fall in line.
  2. Aromatherapy: Treat your senses to spa time with essential oils! Many scents such as jasmine, lavender, bergamot and others have been known to promote relaxation as they can act as natural sleep aids. Give up counting sheep and get a diffuser to give aromatherapy a try…
  3. Practice makes perfect: Where sleep is concerned, your body likes routine and it responds best to consistency. Wind down, go to bed and set your alarm for the same time each day. After your body starts to realize that this is a routine, it will learn what it’s supposed to do and you should be able to get to sleep!

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