Get your hair, skin and nails ready for winter

Winter weather is right around the corner. Still trying to recover from the summer exposure? Not to worry, we can help! Our experts have put together a list of simple steps get your hair, skin and nails in tip top shape for the arrival of winter:

Mane Attraction
Step 1: Keep your hair-washing schedule to 2 or 3 times per week fight the dryness. How? Use dry shampoo at night to soak up any additional oil and make styling a breeze in the morning.

Step 2: Increase hydration with products like Argan oil, Moroccan oil, hair masks or serums to add instant moisture. Just be sure to use a lighter oil if you have thinner hair so it doesn’t get weighed down.

Step 3: Protect your hair from hairdryers, appliances and winter hat frizz with a daily protectant spray to stop frying and frizz. Taking this proactive step will start your hair off on a hydrated note.

Skin Deep
Step 1: Install a humidifier in your room. Help hydrate your skin while you sleep and you’ll wake up fresh-faced and happy!

Step 2: Moisturizer is your friend. Add a layer of daily moisturizer under your makeup to fight the harsh winds and frigid temps.

Step 3: Don’t skip the sunscreen. Many people think it’s only necessary in the summer but UV is a concern in the winter too! Protect your skin from sun damage by choosing a light sunscreen you can wear all year-round.

Nail It
Step 1: Paint your nails. Keeping polish on your nails throughout the winter will preserve the natural oils in your nails and keep them protected against the dry air.

Step 2: Protect your hands from the elements with mittens or gloves. Keeping your hands protected will keep your nails at their best too!

Step 3: Did you know that your cuticles actually provide protection for your nails? By blocking bacteria and shielding your nail beds, keeping your cuticles healthy will keep your nails healthy too!

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