Getting Your Kids Into Golf: Why and How

Starting with toddler toys, golf is catching on for kids of all ages – and encouraging a young interest could lead to a life-long love of the game. According to our Golf Pro, Carl Penfold, here’s what you need to know before you hit the green:

What are the benefits?
• Golf encourages active living, a healthy lifestyle and an appreciation for the great outdoors.
• It teaches kids about self-regulation: not having a referee or a judge involved, and learning to play by the rules is something that all kids should learn.
• It also helps to develop strengths like: discipline, patience, focus, confidence and humility, among others.
• With golf being so commonly used for business, networking and deal-making, being proficient could be a great advantage in the career world.
• Getting to spend extra one-on-one bonding time together is just a bonus!

How do I get started?
• Keeping it simple and fun will encourage kids to stay interested.
• Test the waters by getting them out on the course or driving range with you, watching golf on tv together or even trying it out on your home game system.
• Once you’ve got ‘em hooked, invest in some lessons or a camp to get them clear on the fundamentals and to set them up for success.

Junior Golf Camps are the perfect way to get your kids playing a game they will enjoy with friends and family for the rest of their lives. Our Junior Golf Camps are run by certified PGA of Canada Professionals and follow the curriculum of the CN Future Links program, in line with Golf Canada’s Long Term Player Development Model.