Golf Tip: Getting Accurate Yardage

Do you struggle with club selection? Could it be that your yardage is off? According to Carl Penfold, our Head Golf Professional, “Yardage is key in choosing the right club. Our 17th hole, for example, is 176 yards, which would normally be a 7 iron for me. But the actual yardage (based on slope) is 146 yards, which would normally be a 9 iron for me. If I were to hit the 7 iron, it would go over the green, likely resulting in a bogey or worse.”

So how can you get a more accurate yardage and be able to choose your best club? Well, for amateur golfers, Carl recommends investing in an electronic or laser range finder that includes slope. This is likely the most reliable and accurate way to gauge the distance and choose the appropriate club. An important note, though, is that as accurate as these range finders are for distance and slope, they don’t account for wind! Trial and error is the best way to get great at refining your technique, gaining confidence and lowering your scores…
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