Household Tips We Bet You Didn’t Know

At Hockley Valley Resort, we’ve got the inside scoop on a lot of home remedies you’ve never heard of, so we asked some of our departments to share some of their secrets with us. Here are the tips and tricks our experts think you should know:

From the spa: Duct tape wart removal! Here’s how it’s done: cover the wart with duct tape for 6 days, remove the duct tape, soak the wart, then use an emery board/pumice stone to remove skin on top of the wart if possible. Reapply and follow the steps until it’s gone – could take up to 2 months, but it’s a pain-free removal.

From the kitchen: Asparagus is in season, but do you know the best way to eat it? To ensure you don’t eat any of the woodier parts of the asparagus, simply snap the asparagus at the base. It’s easy to know where to snap it, because it will naturally snap where it becomes tender. You don’t need to waste any either – use the discarded bottoms in an asparagus soup base…. Spring sure is delicious!

From housekeeping: Got a stain you can’t remove? Try peroxide! From furniture to carpets to clothing, it removes stains without removing colour. All you need is a spray bottle and a rag for blotting, and you can say goodbye to your stains…

From the garden: Got bugs? Take a natural approach! For mosquitos, try planting citronella, ageratum or catnip to keep them away. As a general tip, marigolds and lavender can be used to combat beetles, squash bugs, tomato hornworms moths and spiders – making them a great choice as an overall bug deterrent in your garden.

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