How to Make the Most of Your Ski/Snowboard Season

Calling all skiers and snowboarders! Have you been waiting all year to get back on the hill? Here are a few tricks to help you get the biggest bang for your buck this winter:

Season’s Pass: If you plan to get out often this season, consider getting a pass. The freedom of being able to come and go – say, if you only have a few free hours or if the weather turns nasty – without being concerned about getting your full day’s worth, just means more trips to the slopes and more value for your money!

Get Equipped: Looking to buy equipment? Save a few bucks and buy second-hand. Many ski shops sell ‘gently used’ equipment from seasons past, a great way to get your own gear, without breaking the bank. Do your research, get fitted and enjoy the freedom of having your equipment costs covered for the season!

Stay Local: Do the math -less time in the car equals more time on the hill! The closer you stick to home, the more time you have to play – there are some really great locations just outside the GTA where you don’t have to spend hours travelling. Sometimes it’s not just about money, but about the time you get to spend too… Drive less, ski more!

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Need a refresher? Check out our ski tips video blog here:

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