Is Your Romance Making Scents?

You don’t always have to travel to warmer climates to feel hot, hot, hot! Rekindling a little romance (at any time of year) just makes scents. Smell is something that can be effective at triggering fond memories, for achieving relaxation, or for creating a particular mood or ambience.

Our Spa Director, Katie Gilligan, gave us some aroma advice on aphrodisiacs – there are some notable preferences for men and women, and some odours that seem to appeal to both.

For the man in your life, coming on strong is the way to go! Men tend to be drawn to more of a woodsy, earthy feel, so aromas like patchouli or cinnamon top the list of their preferred perfumes.

Where men tend to be attracted by a more down-to-earth aroma, it’s florals and slightly sweeter notes that capture women’s attention. Scents like almond and ylang ylang (a tropical tree native to Asia) are some of the preferred picks.
Looking for something you’ll both enjoy? Despite some definite differences in the responses of men and women to certain smells, some seem to be universally appealing. Men and women alike are attracted to the fragrant aromas of vanilla, lavender and jasmine – consider a candle in one of these scents to give the room a romantic glow.

This Valentine’s Day, or any other day, give your senses a real treat – visit our spa and be spoiled as a couple. Enjoy our spa treatments with essential oils, while relaxing and re-connecting.