Just Got Engaged? 5 Things You Need To Know

Well, you’ve met ‘the one,’ fallen in love, have gotten engaged, and want to start planning your special day… but where to start? “Planning a wedding is such a special time, but can definitely seem overwhelming at the beginning. Start with the basics and build on that,” advises Kendra Gatschuff, Wedding and Social Sales Manager at Hockley Valley Resort. Here’s Kendra’s list of 5 things you need to tackle after getting engaged:

1. Your finger will never look the same! Your new ring will shine on your finger for years to come, so make sure it’s the perfect fit. And that it’s protected. Getting your ring sized and insured are the first steps to peace of mind – and sanity could be something you come to value over these next few months.

2. The key is to remain as organized as possible though this process, so a planner is a must. Buy a book, borrow a binder, download an app, create a spreadsheet – go with whatever method works for you, but getting a system and sticking to it may just keep you on top of all those important dates and details.

3. If watching your pennies is new to you, start practicing! Besides the “regular” wedding costs, you want to be prepared for any surprises – not to mention having a cushion in case you decide to splurge on something special. Most couples just starting out use a budget to track their newly combined household expenditures, so getting into the habit now will serve you well into your married life.

4. Though your engagement is still fresh, start making a preliminary guest list to get a rough number. You’ll need that estimate for venue size, food, favours, invitations and pretty much every step going forward in your planning. Remember that this number isn’t carved in stone, but be realistic at this stage. This step can be tricky – sometimes you need to cut or add names, so work to balance your guest list with your budget.

5. It seems simple, but remember that this day is about you as a couple. Two classics come into play here: pick your battles and don’t sweat the small stuff. Some things just don’t end up mattering in the grand scheme of things. Ask yourself what matters, what is most important and let that guide you. Enjoy the planning as much as you enjoy the day and the honeymoon!

Planning your wedding? It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3… Hockley Valley Resort is your wedding destination close to home. Call one of our Social Sales Managers or visit our website at https://www.hockley.com/weddings/