Just got engaged? This is a must-read!

Eeee, you’re engaged – such an exciting and life-changing time! Many brides get overwhelmed, but not you… Take a little time to breathe, come up with a plan of attack and read our list of simple engagement do’s and don’ts to help you get started:

DO start with a budget. It often seems a little ‘the chicken or the egg,’ at first – you can’t have a budget until you decide on numbers, but you can’t decide on numbers until you have a budget. You have to start somewhere, and budget will set the tone when you start with a baseline, even if you have to make some adjustments later on.

DON’T put off the little things you might be able to knock off your list from the start- checking boxes will build your confidence and start you on a roll, not to mention saving you a little free time (aka spa time) for later.

DO resist the urge to share all your wedding details with family and friends. Though each decision is exciting, save some of the magic for your guests on the day!

DON’T make snap decisions. Bridal decisions can be very costly or damaging to undo. For example, telling your bridal party that you will cover their expenses before you see how your costs add up, could be a disaster if you had to renege. Think carefully before you commit.

DO go with your gut. From venue to flowers to dress, remember it’s about you guys! So, you want a videogame-themed wedding? If that’s what you’re into, trust that you know what will make you the happiest.

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