Lemons: 10 surprising uses!

We all know that lemons smell nice in a room and add a refreshing element to your water, but according to trueactivist.com, lemons are made for more than that! Put your lemons to work in all sorts of ways – here’s a list of 10 possibilities, just to get you started:

1. Dabbing lemon juice on a cotton ball and leaving it in the fridge a few hours will remove offensive food odours and return your fridge to its fresh state.

2. A lemon a day, keeps the ants away? Yep, just squeeze lemon juice in any cracks where they are getting in and in no time, they will find someone else to bug!

3. Lemon’s anti-bacterial elements will rid you of cankers… Mix fresh lemon juice with water and swish around in your mouth a few times a day to see the effects.

4. Keep fruit from turning brown by squeezing a few drops of lemon juice on top… From guacamole to fruit salad to apple slices, you won’t taste the lemon, but you will see its amazing results.

5. Have dry, scaly elbows? Mix baking soda and lemon juice into a paste and rub onto your elbows. Follow with a moisturiser and say hello to softer skin.

6. In a pinch, a few drops of fresh lemon juice can be used to disinfect minor scrapes and cuts. Blow lightly to decrease the sting.

7. Clean up your tarnished brass or polish your chrome in a snap! Mix lemon juice and salt into a paste, leave on for 5 minutes and wash off in warm water.

8. Breathe easier by ingesting 2 tbsp. of lemon juice before each meal and before bed – it’s been known to reduce asthma symptoms!

9. Give your laundry detergent a boost by pouring 1 cup of lemon juice into the wash cycle. This will help remove stains, work on rust and mineral deposits in your machine, and, of course, leave your clothes with a lemon-fresh scent.

10. Berry-picking season is coming… An easy way to remove berry stains from your fingers is to wash them in lemon juice, wait a few minutes, and then wash with warm water and soap. A berry good solution!

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