Longer Lasting Ingredients: A How-To

Do you struggle with buying fresh food and having it go bad? You can definitely go the everything-in-the-fridge soup route or you can check out these ideas from Chef Inny! Here are some of his tips to getting the most life out of your fresh ingredients:

Herbs: For most commonly used herbs (think thyme, parsley, sage, tarragon) wash and dry them, then preserve them by rolling them in a damp paper towel and storing in a sealed container. This will keep them from drying out but allow them to keep their freshness. Replace the paper towel daily for best results.

Vegetables: Does pickling your vegetables intimidate you? It’s actually quite a simple process (more to come in a later blog post)! You might not know that everything from turnip to beets to carrots and even mushrooms can be pickled, so don’t be afraid to experiment.

Marinades: Want to use up your marinade before it goes bad? The freezer is your friend here! Freeze single-serve or family-sized servings of your favourite protein (raw) with your marinade in a ziplock bag, then you can thaw and cook together when ready for a quick meal later.

Bread: With bread about to go stale you really only have a few options. You can make breadcrumbs (by toasting and grinding it down), you can make bread pudding for a tasty dessert or if it’s holiday season, it’s perfect for stuffing. Unfortunately you won’t get much more time out of your bread with these choices, but give these ideas a try to change it up!

Berries: You can always freeze them to enjoy in the off-season, but have you tried turning them into a coulis or purée? For a quick how-to: cook them down, add sugar as desired, add an acid to preserve (i.e. vinegar) and you’ve got a quick (but impressive) go-to for your upcoming desserts.

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