Minimizing Wedding Planning Stress: A Guide

Getting married takes a lot of planning and we know the pressure can be intense. Feeling stressed? Getting bogged down with all the details? There is a lot to get done, but it doesn’t need to consume you. We’ve put together 5 simple tricks to get you through the process with your sanity intact:

Relax. Finding a way to unplug and step away from the planning (temporarily) is key. Take a break with physical exercise, time outdoors, meditation, baths, spa days or even a weekend away. Find an effective escape and use it when you need it to relax and re-focus.

Delegate. No one person can do everything! Give away jobs that don’t require your touch to friends and family. Not worried about the alcohol? Let your fiancé handle that. Don’t have time to mail out the invites? Ask your maid of honour for help. Shorten your list by sharing the load!

Be flexible. Sometimes trying to stick to a specific plan can add stress to your life. We understand you want your day to be perfect, but sometimes a little flexibility can save the day. If the flowers you’ve been dreaming of are off-season or your favourite make-up artist is booked, move to Plan B. At the end of the day, a little flexibility will go a long way in keeping the process moving along.

Laugh. Now this one may seem silly – literally – but the expression ‘laughter is the best medicine,’ has merit. You might be surprised how taking a night off for some fun can help! Plan a girls’ night, schedule a date night or see a funny movie to lighten your mood and get back on track.

Put it in perspective. Every detail is important – this is your special day – but keep in mind that what looks like the wrong flowers to you, looks like a beautiful choice to your guests. No one but you knows exactly how it’s supposed to go, so if it’s off-plan, it’s likely no one will notice. Remember what this day is about: your friends and family coming together to celebrate your love – everything else comes second.

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