Organic Gardening: A Series

What is organic gardening?

Well, essentially, it means gardening without the use of synthetic soil or pesticides, in a natural, balanced environment. A key component in this process is the soil itself. Healthy soil is super important, so adding compost and raw materials (i.e. grass clippings) is crucial. Adding composted, organic manure (preferably from animals that haven’t been fed meat) is also a great way to make your soil as healthy as possible.

Why is organic gardening important?

Organic gardening has so many advantages! By participating in a chemical-free, pollution-free, healthier way of life you are contributing positively to your well-being, to the environment and to the world.

Healthy eating is an issue being taken on by communities of people who are rapidly becoming interested in putting healthier options on their table. Not only is chemical-free produce clearly better for you, but food that spends more time on the road before getting to your table has a better chance of losing some of its important nutrients along the way. As a final note, the overwhelming consensus of people with organic gardens is that the produce just tastes better! Organic gardening just makes sense, so if you haven’t started yet, what are you waiting for?

Environmentally, organic gardening contributes to a balanced, healthy ecosystem, and the lack of pesticides means that there is no leeching occurring into neighbouring soil or drinking water. Picking your produce from your own garden means that you are not contributing to any of the pollution associated with transporting produce to your local grocery store, making your carbon footprint even smaller.

From a financial perspective, it’s a tough call as to whether growing your own organic produce actually saves you money. With the start up costs, plants, seeds and any other necessary investment, the consensus seems to be that the savings really depends on your yield. That being said, the fact that it’s money better spent, is not often debated. Though organic home-grown produce may turn out not to be a huge savings in the long run, you know it’s fresh, local and healthy. It’s hard to put a price on peace of mind.

Stay tuned for the next post in our series on Organic Gardening on ‘Getting Started’…

Organic gardening is important to us too! Our 4-acre organic garden is a testament to our farm-to-table philosophy, providing 80% of all menu ingredients (offering house-made pickles and preserves in the winter). Enjoy an amazing culinary experience at cabin, Babbo or 85 today!

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