Organic Gardening: Fruits and Veggies 101

If you’ve decided to give organic gardening a go this year, start off by planting some sure-fire, low maintenance picks… Here’s a list of just some of the many easy crops you can pick and some hints for a successful start:

Beans: A great choice because they are tasty fresh or frozen, and there so are many varieties available. Do some research, though, because you may require a trellis…

Blackberries: They can grow almost anywhere you have the space and they are very low maintenance. When picking, beware of the thorns, wear thick gloves or try a thornless variety.

Carrots: They are easy to plant from seed, and you know they are ready to pick when the tops are visible above the soil. They tend to be a hit with kids, too.

Cucumbers: Be sure to plant them after the last frost has passed or you will lose your crop. Cucumbers like to spread out, so give ‘em some room!

Lettuce: It’s super easy to plant and can tolerate partial shade. Plus, if you plant it in stages, you can have fresh salad all season.

Peppers: There are lots of types you can choose from, but the bell pepper plant is generally found to be the easiest to grow.

Rhubarb: A very hardy and versatile choice, it can be grown in a sunny spot or in partial shade. It can also be frozen easily so you can dine on delicious rhubarb pie all year long.

Raspberries: They are a late producing fruit, so planting raspberries will allow you to enjoy freshly harvested fruit into the fall. Plant them in a sunny, dry area for best results.

Squash: Generally squash is found to be easier to grow from the plant (rather than from seed) and it doesn’t like the wind, so position it carefully.

Strawberries: They can be grown in the garden, containers, window boxes or hanging baskets, and they are delicious picked fresh!

Stay tuned for the next series post, Organic Gardening: Pests!

Organic gardening is important to us too. Our 4-acre organic garden is a testament to our farm-to-table philosophy, providing 80% of all menu ingredients (offering house-made pickles and preserves in the winter). Enjoy an amazing culinary experience at cabin, Babbo or 85 today!