Organic Gardening Series: Getting Started

So you’ve decided that you want to start an organic garden… Now what? Well, the old saying “measure twice, cut once” is the way to go. Give it some thought, make a plan, and consider these tips before you really dig in:

Stake it out

You want to be able to physically see where your garden will be. Consider how much room you might need (depending on what you are planning on growing), how much light that area gets, and whether you have room to expand in the years to come, if you need to.

Build it

Decide whether you are going to dig a “garden-variety,” build a raised bed or plant in pots. If you are using a large area, be sure to include a walkway of some sort so that you can get to all areas when harvesting or weeding. Organic gardens come in all shapes and sizes – even if you only have a little space, with careful planning and planting, you can still get a great yield!

Plant It

Here comes the fun part! Once you have put your organic soil down, it’s time to plant… You can grow from seed or plants, but if you are using plants, be sure that they have been organically grown, or you may be introducing chemicals into your organic space. Once you’ve planted, give your garden a good watering and add mulch or compost, which will increase moisture absorption and decrease weed growth. Label your rows, too, so you don’t have to guess what’s sprouting! (A quick, hard-learned hint: use weather-proof materials for labelling or it will be a guessing game at harvest time!)

A few last tips for getting started:

  • Choose to plant what your family likes to eat
  • Make friends with your neighbours so you can trade at harvest time
  • Stagger your planting to have a harvest throughout the season

Stay tuned for the next series post, Organic Gardening: Fruits and Veggies 101

Organic gardening is important to us too! Our 4-acre organic garden is a testament to our farm-to-table philosophy, providing 80% of all menu ingredients (offering house-made pickles and preserves in the winter). Enjoy an amazing culinary experience at cabin, Babbo or 85 today!

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