Organics in the Garden: The Basics

At Hockley Valley Resort, we believe in sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint and making our farm-to-table philosophy a priority. Our 2-acre on-site farm supplies our kitchens with fresh, seasonal produce you will see on our menu! Interested in adopting some of our practices? Here are some tips from our farm to get you started:
– Rather than a traditional fertiliser, go organic by sourcing out local compost and/or manure.

– Try an organic pesticide, like a fertiliser that discourages slugs and snails from visiting your garden.

– Practice companion planting: we planted basil in between the tomatoes so that insects attracted to tomatoes will be repelled by the basil. Planting thyme can discourage cabbage worms and grubs, rosemary can be used to deter white flies: there are many combinations of plants that can naturally discourage garden pests.

– Wherever you can, weed by hand or mechanically, by rototilling and using a hoe or rake, rather than choosing a traditional pesticide.

– When it’s time to plant, do your research! You may not know that many packaged seeds are coated in pesticides, so look for companies that sell organic seeds when it’s time to place your order.

– For the larger wildlife, you may need to get creative to discourage their interference. We’re using netting and trellises primarily to keep them out this year. Chicken wire, auditory devices or even just making your garden less attractive by eliminating nesting spots are also great options for keeping pests out.

– Help grow our bee and butterfly population and encourage natural pollination by planting wildflowers in and around your garden. Providing a source free from pesticides and full of nectar and pollen will work towards encouraging the natural balance we strive to maintain.

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