Pizza on the Barbecue: A How-To

We know how to make pizza in the oven, but why not give pizza on the grill a go? There are a few simple tips and tricks for to make the process even easier than it looks! Check out these must-haves from Chef Mario for a guaranteed grilled pizza win:

– You must use a pizza stone for an even cook to the bottom of your pie. (Heat the stone before use for best results.)

– Using the freshest ingredients is a must to achieve the tastiest results. Go with seasonal toppings to keep it fresh and to rotate your flavours – don’t be afraid to experiment!

– Can’t make a ‘from-scratch’ crust? That’s ok, then pre-made uncooked dough is a must. Grill one side and then the other for an even cook top and bottom before you add your toppings.

– Cheese choice is key. Pick a milder cheese that compliments your toppings. For Chef Mario, Buffalo mozzarella is a must.

– You must have all your ingredients ready to go and your toppings prepared before you start. Pizza on the grill cooks quickly, so be ready to move accordingly. Bring your serving trays, plates and cutlery out too, so you can enjoy your masterpiece fresh and hot, right off the grill.

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