Planning Your Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are magical! From a beautiful fresh blanket of snow to the romantic feel of fairy lights at dusk, consider a winter wedding if you’re in planning mode. “Couples tend to think about summer and fall for beautiful backdrops and colourful scenery, but winter weddings are so warm and romantic, with a unique beauty that’s unlike any other,” says Kendra Gatschuff, our Senior Wedding and Social Sales Manager. Here are our top 3 reasons to start planning your winter wedding today:

1. Timing is Everything: Give your guests a break from busy summer scheduling and something to look forward to in the winter! Who wouldn’t love to brighten up their January and February with a festive occasion full of family and friends? Who knows, you might even have more guests in attendance at that time of year. More guests = more love!

2. Winter Perks: One of the advantages of planning a wedding in what’s traditionally considered the “off season” is that the venue rates tend to be discounted. Not only that, but once you decide on your date, it may be easier to secure that exact date, rather than shifting or adjusting based on competing with other couples. Cheaper rate and the date you choose? Win-win!

3. Honeymoon Hurrah: Another distinct advantage with a winter wedding is that it’s a great time of year to honeymoon somewhere hot! Buy a new bathing suit, show off your tan and treat yourself to some much-deserved beach time, when you appreciate it the most. Dust off your flip flops and make the most of your time in the sun before you go back home to the cold…

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