Resort Experiences


Beer tasting
A selection of six beers focusing on local, artisanal breweries and International selections of various styles. This 30-45 minute event can be held prior to or after your dinner and includes cheese and charcuterie for your enjoyment.
$30** per person

The perfect risotto
Enjoy a cooking demonstration, tastings and a glass of wine while learning the tips to making the perfect risotto. Gather around the food bar to watch the chef prepare one of the most challenging Italian inspired dishes, a garden risotto.
Includes an informative 30-45 minute session with questions and answers with the chef.
$45** per person

The art of pizza making (may – october)
Gather around the outdoor grill and learn the art of pizza making. Prepared before your eyes in 90 seconds from our Wood-Fired Oven using fresh garden ingredients. Enjoy a cooking demonstration, tastings and glass of wine in Hockley’s garden. Includes an informative 30-45 minute session with questions and answers with the chef.
$45** per person

Garden tour (may-october)
Enjoy a guided tour through our organic garden and orchard. During the tour we will explain gardening techniques, secrets of the trade and showcase our garden to table philosophies.Guests will be free to taste the bounties of the garden depending on the season and what is available. The guided tour will also include a tour of our training vineyard where you will be treated with a glass of sparkling wine as you meander through the vines exploring the several grape varietals that we are growing.
$30** per person

The great chili cook-off
We provide all the fixin’s for a fantastic chili – teams work together to make the perfect chili! Our culinary team will attend the final presentation and decide which chili is the big winner! (done as a meal replacement)
$90** per person (or plus $45* per person in addition to the corporate package rate, maximum 40 person)

*Plus taxes and gratuities. **Surcharge of $150 + HST will apply for groups of less than 15. Additional charges may apply for groups over 30.

Adamo Estate Winery

Private Tastings
Minimum 10 guests, maximum 20 guests per guide.
Add Tour for $10** per person

Adamo Introductory Flight
Includes a structured tasting of 4 Adamo Estate wines featuring two aromatic white wines, one rose wine and one red wine.

Adamo Premium Flight
Includes a structured tasting of 4 Adamo Estate Premium wines.

Private Tour, Tasting & Culinary Experience
Minimum 10 guests, maximum 20 guests per guide.

Chocolate Experience
Includes a 30 minute guided tour of our vineyard and wine making facilities followed by a structured tasting of 4 Adamo Estate
wines paired with Soma Chocolate.

Cheese & Salumi Experience
Includes a 30 minute guided tour of our vineyard and wine making facilities followed by a structured tasting of 4 Adamo Estate
wines paired with our house-made salumi and curated cheese boards.

Shuttle Service
Maximum 14 guests per trip
One way trip is 10 minutes including boarding, travel and drop off
Round trip service from Hockley Valley Resort to Adamo Estate Winery
$10 +HST per person


Wellness Matters

Julie Adamo Cass is an owner operator of Hockley Valley Resort and Adamo Estate Winery in addition to being a certified health coach, yoga instructor, esthetician and entrepreneur. Her lifelong passion for health and wellness motivated the creation of the 8,000 square foot spa at the resort in 2001.
Julie oversees all resort operations and leads more than 300 team members with strength and intention. As a health coach, she is deeply motivated to inspire wellness in the workplace.

Julie is a wife and mom of two young kids and understands that a busy life can be a challenge, especially when balancing a hectic career with home life. Her passion is to help busy people thrive at work and at home but most of all with investing in the most important relationship they have: the one with themselves.

A successful life at home and work starts with a healthy mind and body.

eat well. live well.

In this interactive session, Julie will walk participants through simple ways to incorporate healthy food into their diet, while focusing on the dramatic impact these changes can make.
Want to increase energy, productivity and overall happiness in your workplace? Treat your team to this session and make living well a priority.

key strategies to double your energy

Work/life balance is something most of us struggle with. Learn how to fight low energy that’s creating a negative cycle, depleting your self-care strategy, sending you on a downward spiral and leading to poor choices. This session provides easily-implemented tools to double your energy and transform the way you live your life with a new approach and new-found energy!

five tools to reduce stress now

Feeling stressed out? The key to a healthy life is stress management. Learn simple and tangible lifelong techniques to help you deal with stress, decrease anxiety and feel more empowered to enjoy life.
A happy team translates to a successful, productive company!

45 min session: $595*
90 min session: $845*
(90 minute session includes group interaction and activites)
*extra charges apply to groups with over 20 people.



Group golf event

Improve your Golf Skills with 2 x 30 minute workstations with our professional golf staff. Alternate between stations focusing on putting and chipping.
$25 pp, minimum of 8 people or a minimum fee of $200 per group.

Available during golf season, group size restrictions may apply.


Downhill ski lessons

Enjoy lessons from our renowned ski instructors.
$99/hour per person +HST, $35/hour for additional person up to a maximum of 5 per group lesson. (must be same skill level) cost of rentals are extra. Must have a valid lift ticket or seasons pass to participate.


Enjoy a bonfire

Enjoy a cozy bonfire and warm beverages for a fun evening. Marshmallows or s’mores add to the enjoyment.
$75 for a 2 hour private bonfire.
Food & beverages are priced separately.
**Dedicated private beverage service exclusively for your group is available for $25/hr.
This allows your guests to order beverages comfortably from their chair without making the trip over to the bar.


Ask us how to arrange a great onsite event for your group. Conducted before, during or after dinner and in 45 minute or longer formats. Examples include:

  • Yuk Yuk’s Comedy Show
  • Magic Workshops
  • Casino Night
  • Line Dancing
  • Karaoke
  • “Iron Chef”
  • Murder Mystery
  • Rock the Stars and so much more…

All prices quoted are subject to change, applicable taxes and service charges apply.


Mini olympics

This series of sports-based team events with “a little twist” has teams competing against each other and the clock. Designed to be light, fun and exciting from the opening until the closing ceremonies.

The amazing race

Teams must find a series of checkpoints and successfully complete each task that awaits them. This exhilarating race will take participants on a journey around the resort looking for flags, deciphering clues, and tackling unusual team tasks.

Survivor challenge

Adventure-based team challenges that build confidence, cooperation and teamwork. Teams are challenged
to work together to accomplish tasks by using playful ingenuity, communication, and problem solving skills.

Low ropes course

This program challenges participants to work a little outside of their comfort zone and create an atmosphere where trust, communication and out-of-the-box thinking are always at work. Activities tackled are designed to incorporate group planning and debriefing stages and identify individual roles and strengths.

Communication combat challenge

Various hands-on activities identify the diverse roles of the group, strengths of team members and the effectiveness
of their communication patterns. This action-based learning takes place indoors or outdoors and requires cooperation, trust, leadership and innovative problem solving.

The scrambler

A two-part program which has teams scrambling, searching, gathering and implementing a game plan to efficiently
and successfully travel throughout the resort. Teams will be given a set of clues that lead to specific areas in search of scrambled letters while finding and collecting certain unusual items from a collaborated list.

Paying it forward

Give back to the community. Participants are partnered
a local organizations and charity. Choose to contribute to the local food bank; families in transition; child and youth services; school lunch programs or any other myriad of opportunities. Each program will be unique for your group and promote connection, intention and purpose. While the steps might be simple, the outcome could change
the world. One act of kindness can change everything.
Add’l charges apply for materials.

Gregarious games night

An adult-themed evening for participants who are interested in a social highlight – it provides great social interaction,
a fun evening with friends and colleagues, and great thought-provoking game play. This program is structured
in a round-robin tournament style format and consists of various card playing games, quick-witted hilarity, and mind challenging games.

Minute to Win It

Through the use of many unusual competitive events using various household items, each participant will experience the thrill of being a player and an encouraging teammate. All challenges activate the competitive spirit, out-of-the-box thinking, and creative problem solving. This 1.5 hour program fosters fun, playful competition, and surprises.


Sunrise Yoga is a lovely way to start your day. This class is designed to create space within the body to awaken your senses to prepare you for the day. Each class starts with introspection using breath and then slowly moves into simple sun salutation which opens and softens the mind, body and soul. The class continues with seated slow static postures to open up, stretch and tone the entire body. The class finishes with various breathing exercises and light meditation. All levels. *Special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Drum Circle

This hands-on drumming circle has drums and other percussion instruments being used as tools for communication empowerment, bringing people together, and sharing very positive vibrations amongst all participants. This rhythm based event helps synergize your corporate community’s intentions and goals by bringing participants to a place of common purpose while generating lots of energy and laughter. All instruments will be provided by LEAP Adventures. *special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Rowing Your Team to Success

Rowing is a remarkable sport which generates uniquely enriching team building opportunities. No other sport requires the same level of synchronicity and commitment to achieve a successful outcome. In just 2-3 hours, your team will experience the exhilaration of working together and the thrill of balancing on the water as a team while receiving coaching from our expert LEAP Adventures facilitator. This transformational time for your team begins at HVR and transitions to the boatyard, less than ten minutes away. *special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Guided Snowshoeing

Let one of our experienced LEAP Adventures guides take your group on an unforgettable excursion through the rolling hills of the Niagara Escarpment. The beauty and wonder of the exquisite surroundings will unfold in the near-silence of the snow. Choose to experience this as a night walk to include discovery of the winter sky. *special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Guided Hikes

Let one of our experienced LEAP Adventures guides take you on a scenic hike through the beautiful Bruce Trail. The hike can accommodate any fitness level. A picnic lunch or snack can be arranged by the Resort at an additional cost. *special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Word Nerd Boot Camp

Wordsmiths, word nerds, or those who loathed high school English (and beyond), this session will engage, entertain, and educate you! In this team-building event, participants will learn and practice simple techniques with each other for making their writing positive and effective, be it in text or by email – or even in letters, on paper, like the dinosaurs used to write!

Art Jam!

Engage the right side of the brain and wake up the creativity (think: problem solving, innovation, originality) that art experimentation stimulates. Participants will receive step-by-step instruction by an art instructor and will work independently, in pairs, or in small groups to create their own artwork. Think of it as a free-style painting party! *special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Rube Goldberg experience

The Rube Goldberg Experience is an exciting new indoor program. Think of this activity as building a
“Mousetrap Game.” A Rube Goldberg machine is a contraption, invention, device that is deliberately
over-engineered to perform a simple task in a complicated fashion generally including a chain reaction.
The team will use their wit, creativity, initiation and out-of-the-box thinking to create one machine.
*special pricing applies (see fee schedule)

Safe cracker program

Safe Cracker is a mobile escape room with a countdown clock that adds to the game’s excitement. While it shares similarities with other traditional escape rooms, there’s a big difference: we take Safe Cracker to you – your office, your meeting, your conference – wherever you are! Our new team building activity has your participants working together by accident, as the teams need to work together to solve puzzles, brain teasers and challenges while utilizing the individual strengths of their team members to win the game. This program touches on the 4 “C”s:
Critical Thinking, Creativity, Communication and Collaboration. A perfect team building event.
*special pricing applies (see fee schedule)


  • All programs are custom tailored, taking into account various ages and physical abilities.
  • Each program runs for approximately 2 hours by a certified professional. If additional facilitators are required, $120 + HST may apply.
  • Programs can be offered all year round, indoors and outdoors.
  • Additional charges will apply for groups exceeding maximums.
  • Any team building activity that requires a meeting space will be confirmed upon booking of the activity for availability
  • Upon booking of the meeting space for indoor programs or backup space, a minimum of $200 + HST room rental will apply – over & above the team building fees.
0-30 people participating $685
31-40 people participating $750
41-50 people participating $900
51-60 people participating $1320
61-70 people participating $1540
71-80 people participating $1760
81-90 people participating $1980
91-100 people participating $2200
101-110 people participating $2420
111-120 people participating $2640
Guided Hike Up to 20 people/guide $200
Row Your Team 24 People Max $1600+
Art jam 15 People ($45 per additional person) $825
Drum Circle 20 People ($37.50 per additional person) $750
Guided Snowshoeing 20 People / 1.5 hr (Additional charges for snowshoe rentals: $19/person; 20 pairs available) $250

All prices quoted are subject to change, applicable taxes and service charges apply.


Delivering experiential team building programs for over 15 years. NOTE: All programs are individually customized and priced accordingly.

Team building programs

Reaching new heights

This high ropes experience will literally take your team to new heights of trust, mutual support, leadership and collaboration. No experience is necessary and there is a role for everyone regardless of fitness level (designed for an adult corporate audience)

Put your chef hat on!

This competitive food adventure will challenge teams to create the ultimate culinary masterpiece. Although you will not be cooking a meal for one another, you will bond as a team, strengthen relationships and create lasting team memories. It’s play with a purpose!

Building bridges

Examine the importance of healthy communication while constructing components of a freestanding bridge- all while geographically separated from your teammates! This challenge ends on a high note as each bridge is put to the test!

Development workshops

Experience a custom 1-3 hour workshop that will enhance the development of your team and support the learning initiatives of your event. Our curriculum has been offered at leading business schools in North America and the UK and can focus on team development, leadership, creativity and innovation, communication, change, emotional intelligence and more.

Motivational keynote

Summit president Scott Kress is an award winning EMBA leadership and team development instructor, an author, and a masterful storyteller. Bring Scott in as an opening speaker to set the tone for your meeting, an evening speaker to reinforce your message, or a closing speaker to send your team home ready to tackle challenges with new enthusiasm!

Summit Team Building
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