Shushing, Family-style

Hittin’ the hills this winter? Why not take on the slopes as a family? From physical activity to fresh air… The family that plays together, stays together! Here’s what you need to know about getting your kids into one of Canada’s favourite winter pastimes:

Life Lessons: Start them off right! Lessons give kids a base for years to come, and learning from a pro might save them from making some unnecessary beginner mistakes. Learning to get up after you fall, how to slow down when you get nervous, or when to go for it will boost their confidence and keep them interested.

Quick Learners: Because kids tend to pick up skills rapidly and become more cautious as they get older, starting them young will encourage a lifelong love of the sport – along with a sense of adventure and the desire to broaden their horizons… And did we mention it’s an amazing way to fit in some family time?

The Great Outdoors: There’s nothing like skiing! The joy of flying down the hill, the wind in your face on the chair, the pride when you reach the bottom. Why not encourage that same enjoyment and thrill in the next generation? They’ll thank you for it for years to come!

We offer private or group lesson for munchkins aged 4 and up, as well as adult lessons! Contact us to register