Ski Like A Pro

Ahhh, Canadian winters. Now’s the time to get outside and enjoy the fresh air, take in some beautiful snowy scenery and… go skiing! Young or old, beginner or expert, there’s nothing quite like ‘shushing’ down the hills.

From first-timers to pros, skiing is a fun-filled sport for kids and adults of all ages! Here’s a list of things in mind on the slopes this season, whether you are brand new, rusty or a veteran skier:
Well Dressed: Be sure to dress appropriately. Finding yourself underdressed and cold is not fun, but overheating is not ideal either. Dressing in layers will allow you to adjust your attire according to the weather as the day goes on.

Child’s Play: Children are fearless and teaching them to ski provides them with a skill for life! Perseverance, confidence and bragging rights are just some of the benefits kids receive, not to mention the fact that combining any physical activity with fresh air is a win/win! The family that plays together, stays together – and you will ski together as a family for years to come…

Lesson Learned: Taking a lesson or two can give you the basics and get you started on the right track. A lesson is also a great refresher and can serve to remind you about technique and style. Start Small: Don’t be too ambitious on your first run! Remember, even if you’re seasoned skier, it’s likely been 9 months or more since your last run. Take a run or two as a reminder, for your body and mind.

R and R: Skiing works muscles that most people don’t usually use, so you may be sore and tired afterwards. Rest and recovery is key. Take it easy that night if you’re feeling sore. Common recommendations include: a hot bath with Epsom salts, a massage, a good night’s sleep and lots of hydration to help those muscles get ready for day 2!

We offer 15 scenic runs for all levels, including an upper and lower freestyle terrain park. Young or old, learner or skilled, our experienced instructors can address all your ski needs, offering a ton of expert instruction and help. We also offer an amazing spa for relaxation and to help with all those achy muscles. Visit us today!

Ski Tips

We’ve put together a series of tips for beginners as they learn to ski and snowboard. We will be posting one a week here, lessons are always available, however, these tips should make you feel a little more comfortable. Skiing is fun!

Ski Tip 1 – How to carry your skis and get on the chairlift safely.

Ski Tip 2 – Mastering Poles

Ski Tip 3 – How to match your skis in parallel

Ski Tip 4: Clearing Your Boots and Climbing Uphill With Skis On

Ski Tip 5: How to Ski in Bumpy Terrain

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