Storing Your Ski/Boarding Gear For Next Year

While a lot of us are now tired of winter and wishing for spring, if you listen closely, you can hear the tears of those mourning the end of ski and snowboard season! Yes, it’s almost that time… But how should we store our equipment? How do we stay ready for next year? Our Director of Sports, Brian Donato, offers these tips to make sure you’re ready to hit the slopes next season as soon as the snow flies:

Skis and Snowboards: Make sure that they don’t dry out during the off-season, so waxing them before storage is a must. Common waxes include sponge or spray-applied, and either will do the trick. With skis, you need to “turn down the din” on the bindings (aka loosen the part that is tightened to match your weight) so that it relaxes when they are not being used.

Boots: Remove the liners first so they completely dry out. Once they’ve dried, place them back in the boots and buckle or do the boots up – you want to be sure that they hold their shape for your next use.


Goggles: They’re easily scratched, so keep them protected in the bag that they came in and store them out of harm’s way. Helmet: Most helmets have a liner. Make sure that you allow yours to air out before storage. Spraying a fragrant aerosol inside will also help to keep it fresh for next season.

Gloves and Mitts: Though we often just throw them in a bag at the end of each season, wash them and dry them completely before putting them away – you don’t want to find mold when you open up that bag next year!

Old Equipment: Many of us are using old and outdated equipment. Anything older than 10 years is likely not performing to its best, or may not even be up to today’s standards. Be sure to take any old equipment to a pro for their advice on usage.

Kids’ Equipment: Kids grow every year, it’s a fact! Make your annual purchase a little more affordable, go to a shop that offers a ‘half back’ program, where they will give you half of what you spent each year towards your next purchase. There are also various ski swaps around, so you can upgrade to a bigger size every year. Make sure that everything fits the way it’s supposed to! Buying boots to “grow into” is not a good idea with ski boots; they need to fit snugly to be properly used.

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