Summer Nail Trends

Looking to nail it this summer? Want to stand out on the beach? Impress at the office? Our beauty experts have put together this fun list of 5 top summer must-haves so your nails are on trend this season:

1. Colour Me Happy: Summertime is filled with vibrant flowers and sunshine, and these themes are everywhere in nail trends for summer. Think yellows, blues, purples and even rainbow looks to be on trend this season.

2. Prints Charming: Nail art ranging from prints to stickers are hot, hot, hot! Choose from your favourite patterns, characters or go with a simple colour block design to make the most of this trend.

3. Take Shape: We’ve seen square, round and even stiletto, but this season’s winner is the almond shaped nail. It’s an oval shape with a narrow tip that’s being requested in nail salons everywhere. Keep them on the short side for typing or grow them longer for the lazy days of summer.

4. Go Nude: Searching for a neutral look? This season’s hottest neutrals range from sand to blush to cinnamon. Move over clear polish, there’s a new palette in town.  Of course, you can never go wrong with the classic French to keep it simple and elegant.

5. Get Glitter: Glitter gets dressed up this season with a twist – rather than all-over glitter, we’re seeing it more like confetti. Think spaced out so you can see the nail underneath, it’s like girly glitter got a makeover.