Summer Weddings: Trending Now

Love is in the air, with summer weddings now in full swing! What’s hot this year on the wedding scene? Our Senior Wedding and Social Sales Manager, Kendra, says that creativity is where it’s at. “Couples are always looking for ways to have their special day be as unique and as personal as possible. This year’s couples have really set the bar high in terms of unique details and special touches, from what we’ve seen so far.” Here’s a look at some of those details we’ve seen:

Be our guest: While the more traditional couples are still opting to use a guest book for messages and signatures, some new trends have emerged. Couples are looking for fresh new ways to display their guest lists after their special day has passed. We’ve seen wine barrel tops, puzzles, giant Jenga pieces and more – so if you’re looking for something unique, the sky’s the limit!

On the Grow: Wedding favours are going green! From hens and chicks to trees and seeds, nature is definitely becoming a dominant theme. Couples are moving away from offering their guests mementos and are leaning towards a longer lasting memory of their special day. Depending on the time of year, there is such a wide range of greenery options you can choose from – so go green!

Oh, snap: Rather than waiting to see each other for the first time on their wedding day in front of friends and family, couples are doing ‘first look photoshoots.’ This gives the couple special, romantic time together on their day before they face the crowd and a documented moment (and memory) to last a lifetime. It’s a great way to get some private time in before the festivities begin!

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Photo courtesy of: Jesse Rashotte Photography