The Farm

noun, [fahrm]

a piece of land used for growing crops or raising animals

The fruit and vegetable farm at Hockley Valley Resort provides 80 percent of all restaurant menu ingredients. Spanning four acres, the farm helps to reduce our carbon footprint, increases our guests’ experience and enriches the resort’s natural beauty and charm.

Our farm serves as a testament to our farm-to-table philosophy. Many say it, but few can walk the talk! Our chefs visit the farm daily for fresh produce, fruits and herbs for our signature dishes. Guests can visit cabin and Babbo to sample culinary delights fresh from the field. In the winter months, the farm provides produce for our house-made pickles and preserves.

Along with supplying our kitchens, the farm is the perfect spot to take in our wonderfully scenic views. Always a beautiful, rustic backdrop for photographs, the farm setting has become a seasoned favourite for wedding couples, adding a special touch to our landscape all year long.

Visit our farm and experience what farm to table means to us.