The Pedi Pledge

With summer just around the corner and our open-toe shoes calling out to us from the backs of our closets… We should be getting ready to flaunt our feet loudly and proudly! Are you wondering how to get – and stay – open-toe ready?  Well, our Spa Director, Katie Gilligan, has come up with her own Pedicure Pledge, so that we may wear our open-toe shoes with pride. Please raise your right foot and repeat after her:

“I promise to do my best to keep my toenails properly filed and never to have chipped polish. I will do whatever it takes to avoid having dry, cracked skin. I pledge to my peep-toes, strappy sandals, and even to my flip flops, that if I cannot personally keep my feet in their summer best, then I will place them in the hands of the professionals.”

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