Travelling with Kids: A How-To

Planning a winter getaway with your family? What starts off in your mind as relaxing time away can quickly get away from you…. We’ve found there are some things parents should know when traveling with kids – and it doesn’t seem to really matter what ages you’re dealing with – check out these tips from our experts:

Rush Hour: Whether you are flying or driving, leave plenty of time to get where you’re going – that way the kids are not being rushed before they’re ready and you’re not panicking because you might miss a deadline or reservation.

Hide and Seek: When packing, stash some surprises with your stuff in case you need a distraction. From bracelet-making to mini lego to a soduko book or disposable camera, once boredom sets in, a distraction can save everyone’s sanity.

Honesty’s the Best Policy: Prepare your kids for the trip by telling them about the schedule and what to expect, especially if you are using various modes of transportation. There’s nothing worse than your toddler (or your teen) thinking you’ve arrived at your destination when you’ve only gotten through one leg of the trip.

Plan B: Unless it’s a surprise you’re seeking, let your kids be involved in the planning. They are more likely to be excited for the trip and want to participate in activities where they gave some input. Where you can, ask them their opinion and try to include their preferences so that they stay invested.

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