Wedding Centrepieces: Flower Power or Green Thumb?

Are you planning your wedding? Have you thought about your centrepieces? Bridal centrepieces are a huge reception focal point; often they’re an extension of your colour choices, style and theme. Floral centrepieces are timeless, of course, but there’s another trend emerging… “So many separate elements tie into the search for the perfect centrepiece: seasonality, colour, size, cost,” explains Christine Lawson, our Wedding and Social Sales Manager, “Recently we’ve seen couples leaning towards herb boxes, plants and more nature-based options, versus the traditional floral bouquet.”

Why are centrepieces getting an earthy makeover? Well, here are some of the reasons we think couples might be going green:

1. Test of Time: Many couples give away the centrepieces at their reception, and fresh flowers are less versatile. Greenery lasts longer and often lends itself to being re-planted by its new owner.

2. Colour Matching: Nature-based arrangements tend to match any colour scheme, so that could really relieve stress over seasonality or matching your décor.

3. DIY Brides: Many brides are lovin’ sites like pinterest and reading blogs for inspiration, where they’re finding ways to DIY certain wedding elements. Greenery is one way to personalize your décor, not to mention a great way to get your friends and family involved in the process.

4. Cost Counts: With floral arrangements ranging from $20 to $200 per, plant-based centrepieces are a more budget-friendly option (especially if it’s a DIY). With more and more couples covering wedding costs themselves, greener centrepieces may be a way to redistribute your budget and still cover all bases.

Remember that even if you opt for a greener feel, decorators and florists play an important role in your wedding. From bouquets to ceremony décor, sourcing product and placement, some things need to have a professional touch to get the day just right.

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