Wedding Party Speeches: A How-To

If someone you know is getting married and you’re in the wedding party, you may be expected to make a speech. Not a natural? No problem! We’ve got 5 tips to help you write and deliver a speech worthy of your friendship:

1. Start with context. Begin your speech by introducing yourself and explaining how you know the couple. It helps people understand your perspective and it’s a great way to ease into your delivery.

2. Come prepared. Even if you’re more of a casual speaker, be sure to jot down the important points you want to cover. It’s easy to get distracted and it’s often a relief to be able to glance down at prepared notes to get back on track.

3. Tell stories. People love to hear funny or sentimental anecdotes about the happy couple. Be sure that your choices are occasion-appropriate, not too long and can be understood by the crowd. Too many inside jokes will have your audience losing interest.

4. Stick to the rules. Most couples have a time stipulation, content they want you to include or references they forbid you to mention. Stick to the rules to keep the bride and groom happy – it is their special day, after all.

5. Practice. Whether you’re nervous or a natural, the more comfortable you are with the material, the better your delivery will be! Be sure to allow enough time between writing your speech and the wedding day to get in a few practice run-throughs. Work on smiling, eye contact and timing to really nail your speech on the wedding day.

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